All the benefits you can have with Kankayan Bati (ARSH)

ayurveda scienceOut of varieties of treatment and medicinal form, Ayurveda is one of the best forms of treatment that is completely natural and safe. Ayurvedic medicines are not so popular these days but still, they are one of the effective methods of healing and curing the diseases. You might be thinking if ayurvedic medicines are not so popular these days, why I am telling about them? This is because Ayurveda is the oldest method of healing and it will never give you any side effects.

Today, I am going to tell you an amazing ayurvedic medicine that can cure a number of health ailments as well as improve your health. Kankayan Bati is one of the popular ayurvedic medicines that are commonly used for non-bleeding piles. Along with this, Kankayan Bati is also used for treating intestinal worms and bloating. This Ayurvedic medicine is used along with different co-drinks to treat different diseases conditions. Let’s see all the health benefits of Kankayan Bati for humans.

Health Benefits of Kankayan Bati

Kankayan BatiKankayan Bati helps to reduce the size of the haemorrhoidal mass and relieves constipation. It also improves digestion and appetite. This ayurvedic medicine helps to reduce the kapha doshas, pacifies vata dosha and increases pitta doshas. Therefore, this medicine is extremely useful if you are suffering from itching, discomfort, constipation, white coating on tongue, loss of appetite and poor digestive capacity. The health benefits of Kankayan Bati also include liver improvement. It helps to increase the flow of bile which helps to relieve constipation too. It will also treat bloating, gas, intestinal worm and feeling of abdominal lumps.

-hemorrhoids-In non-bleeding piles, Kankayan Bati helps to reduce the size of the haemorrhoidal mass. It should be given when the mass is smooth, benumbed, white pale, stiff, wet, unctuous and heavy or when the patient has intense itching with the discharge of mucus and frequent urge for evacuation. For the treatment of this health issue, it should be given along with kravyad ras and abhayaristha.  According to Ayurveda, the factors that cause piles include digestive weakness, constipation, tight clothes, sitting and riding on vehicles for a long duration. Kankayan Bati works great on the digestive system and treats the root causes of piles. So, if you want to cure pile from their roots and also want a healthy digestive system, Kankayan Bati is the best choice for you.

Medicinal Properties and Ingredients in Kankayan Bati

ingredients..The powerful medicinal properties of Kankayan Bati help to cure several health problems. Kankayan Bati has powerful anti-constipation, anti-hemorrhoid, appetizer, digestive, anti- spasmodic, carminative and hematinic properties. These medicinal properties help to cure piles and also provide you a healthy digestive system. In addition, Kankayan Bati has carminative and laxative properties. Kankayan Bati is prepared of natural herbs that increase its effectiveness. The natural ingredients present in Kankayan Bati are haritaki’s bark, maricha, jeera, pippali, pippalamool, chavya, chitrak, shunti, jimikand, gudda and yavkshar. They are the really powerful natural herbs that help to cure several health issues.

ayurvedic-doshasIf you want to know how to use Kankayan Bati and its dosage, here is the solution. The recommended dosage of Kankayan Bati is 1-2 tablets, 1-2 times a day before or after food or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. Kankayan Bati is given along with milk to treat abdominal conditions due to pitta. It is also given along with alcohol or sour drinks to treat abdominal diseases due to vata such as bloating. For the treatment of menstrual bleeding, it is given along with camel milk. You can easily buy this medicine online from

Above, we have discussed a number of health benefits of Kankayan Bati. This ayurvedic medicine is really powerful in curing several health issues and also providing you a healthy body. Kankayan Bati not only treats piles but also improves your overall health. You can get a healthy and fit body with the help of Ayurveda. The best part of Ayurveda is that it will never give you any side effects. People who do not believe in Ayurveda should check the side effects of allopathic medicines that will clear their confusion. So, folks, try Ayurveda and definitely you will get a healthy body, mind and soul.


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