Is Issabbael Herbal really effective in stomach infection?

The concept of Ayurveda is as old as our history. Adopting Ayurveda treatment is not a new concept. It is one of the ancient methods of healing and curing. Ayurveda has treatment options for all types of illnesses, diseases and viruses.  It is actually a science of health and wellness that help in treating the health issues in a more effective manner than over-the-counter medicines. Issabbael for stomach infection is one of the most effective ayurvedic treatments that can cure stomach infection such as stomach flu quickly and effectively.

stomach problemBefore going to the treatment, you should know about the problem and it causes. Knowledge of the problem helps you to tackle that problem in more effective manner. Stomach flu is actually the infection of stomach and intestines. Well, the flu and influenza are different. Influenza does not always affect the gastrointestinal tract but stomach flu affects this. Infection of the stomach and intestines is considered as gastroenteritis. Stomach flu is usually caused by viruses but bacteria and parasites can also cause it.

stomach infetcionThe symptoms of stomach flu include fever, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. There are the number of medications available for the treatment of stomach infection. Well, you can treat this problem easily with the help of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has an effective cure for a stomach infection. Issabbael for stomach infection is the best cure to reduce the symptoms of stomach flu.

Issabbael for Stomach Infection

issabaelIssabbael for stomach infection is the effective cure for the people suffering from a chronic stomach infection. This herbal medicine is in form of granules and used for treating the stomach infection or stomach flu. This medicine is completely natural and does not cause any side effects. It is an excellent medicine used for treating all types of dysentery and diarrhea. Do you know issabbael contains so many herbal ingredients? Issabbael herbal granules are prepared from the different types of herbal ingredients such as isabgol, kutaj chhal, sanuf, dhanyia, belgeri, indrajau and nagar motha.

Issabbael for stomach infection is really an effective medicine which helps in treating the all types of stomach infection and other stomach related problems. Issabbael for stomach infection is used for treating different types of health issues such as all type of diarrhea, bacillary dysentery, chronic amoebic dysentery, dyspepsia and flatulence. Do you know about the ingredients present in issabbael for stomach infection? How are they effective in curing the stomach infection? Let’s talk about them.


isabgolOne of the most effective components of issabbael is isabgol. This name may sound peculiar to you but it has enormous health benefits especially for stomach infection. It is a natural gelatinous substance that smells forming an emollient gel after soaking in the water. It has properties to kill bacteria and absorb other harmful toxins present in your intestines. It provides the proper lubrication in the intestine wall.



Dhania_or_Coriander_LeavesDhanyia or coriander seeds are really effective in the treatment of upset stomach. These seeds have several natural chemicals known as volatiles that have a positive influence on your digestive system.  It performs some functions that help the body to recover more quickly from stomach problems with a greater comfort. It supports your immunity system and makes it strong to fight off infections and stomach related diseases.

These effective ingredients present in issabbael help in the treatment of stomach infections. These natural ingredients make issabbael an effective natural or ayurvedic medicine that cure the stomach infection effectively. Now, you might have understood that issabbael for stomach infection is a really effective ayurvedic medicine that cures the stomachs infection more quickly. Nowadays, Ayurveda has been practicing all around the world. Due to the side effects of medicines, many people now have switched to Ayurveda treatment. The best part of the Ayurveda is that this is a natural treatment option that will not give you any type of side effects. You can try Ayurveda medicines easily without any fear.

healthy stomachStomach infection is a very common problem that can attack you at any time. Treat this condition with some natural remedies that are safe is one of the most effective methods. So, if you are experiencing stomach infection, you should try issabbael to treat this condition quickly and effectively.


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